Financial Fluency Sample Lesson

Oct 13, 2021 | Blog, Financial Fluency

Do you appreciate financial statements like a beautiful piece of art?

Yeah, probably not. For most of us, financial statements and reports are confusing at best and frightening at worst.

Our first course – Financial Fluency with Sir Steven Wilkinson – is just the solution. This course will help you stop struggling with your accounting books and start strategizing for business growth. If you’re a founder, business owner, enterprising employee, or interested in business, this course is for you.

Financial Fluency Sample Lesson

We hosted a free sample lesson from the Financial Fluency course. In the lesson, you’ll learn how to build a balance sheet that drives business strategy and is as beautiful and easy to understand as a piece of art. Watch the sample lesson here.

Meet Your Instructor

Leading your dive into financials is Sir Steven Wilkinson joining all the way from Ireland. He runs an investment company and designs financial courses for entrepreneurs. Most importantly, he’ll help you appreciate numbers so you don’t just learn about business, but actually enjoy it.

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Financial Fluency is open for register. No previous experience or credential is required. Learn more and register.
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