as a Benefit

Employers that offer educational benefits enjoy increased retention and a stronger pipeline of talent.

University of Jamestown Accelerated can help your workplace attract and retain talent in three ways.

Offer University of Jamestown Accelerated Programs

We help your team accelerate their knowledge and career with education that is immediately put into action. Your employees can work on projects from the workplace to master concepts while learning best practices.
Partner for
Internal Training

University of Jamestown Accelerated will work with you to develop programs to fulfill your workforce needs.

Attract Talent with
Find the best talent before they complete our programs. You can help our students learn more about your industry and get an early look at the talent that may be interested in working for your company. Connect with our students through internships, career day attendance, and guest speaking.
About University of Jamestown
The University of Jamestown (UJ) has been providing students with high quality educational experiences for 138 years. The University has been ranked as a “Best Regional College” in the Midwest from US News and World Report, and through the available online degree and certificate programs, more students than ever have access to top-tier education that can advance their careers with flexibility and convenience.
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