Law Enforcement Leadership
Next Start: August 22nd, 2022
Undergraduate: $990 (course) | $3960 (certificate)
Graduate: $1314 (course) | $5256 (certificate)
4 Courses
8 weeks per course
Weekly collaboration

Law enforcement is a challenging and ever-evolving profession that requires skilled leaders and trained professionals. Experienced police executives developed the University of Jamestown Accelerated Law Enforcement Leadership certificate program; experienced police executives are teaching the curriculum. We know first-hand how challenging it can be to juggle career and family, to work nights and rotating shifts, and to go to court. This course allows students to complete the certificate program and earn up to 12 college credits towards a degree – regardless of schedule.

Throughout the program, students will interact with veteran instructors and other criminal justice professionals like themselves – Deputy Chiefs, sergeants, professional staff, prosecutors, intelligence analysts, probation and parole officers, court administrators, and more.

Students will learn real-world, practical applications that they can implement immediately in their own careers, in their organizations, and in their communities. Courses cover the most critical issues in 21st century policing: community engagement strategies and tactics, law enforcement response to mental health and officer wellness, and crisis management leadership.

Start with a single course or complete the entire certificate to accelerate your professional skills and earn credit toward an college degree.

Who is it for:
Criminal justice professionals — or those looking to enter the field – who want to develop a competitive edge, hone leadership skills, become more effective change agents, prepare for success in testing processes or simply stay on top of the most current challenges facing policing in the 21st century.
What You Get:
  • Contemporary best practices that can be immediately implemented
  • Up to 12 transferrable college credits from an accredited university
  • Certificate in Law Enforcement Leadership
  • Networking with leading law enforcement trainers and practitioners, and other criminal justice professionals
  • The ability to complete coursework on your own schedule and meet your own individual goals — in a flexible, stimulating and challenging environment
  • Mentorship and new connections with a cohort of skilled law enforcement professionals
Why Study Law Enforcement Leadership?

Every law enforcement professional has the opportunity to be a leader. The complexities of 21st century policing require honed skills and well-trained minds. The Law Enforcement Leadership courses empower students to make the most of real-world experience, practical training and academic instruction – enabling them, their agencies, and their officers to better serve the community.

University of Jamestown Accelerated is the first and only criminal justice leadership program in the nation that creates a customized plan for each student – incorporating key elements of experience and ongoing training requirements – finally making earning a degree attainable:

  • Credit for Prior Learning (CPL): earn college credit for work experience, exam scores, military service, workplace training, and professional certification (allows students to earn a degree more quickly and less expensively)
  • Consolidation of previous academic credits
  • Tuition reimbursement eligibility
Even if not required for entry-level police work, a college degree is either required or strongly recommended for advancement into the supervisory ranks by many departments. Competitive hiring processes often award extra points to college graduates. Some agencies even offer incentive pay for those with college degrees.

So, whether it’s always been a personal goal to get a degree, or you’re seeking a foundation to enter the profession, or you’re looking for career advancement or to earn more money for your family – we understand that you can’t learn everything behind closed doors of a police academy. Finally, there is a resource that can help you achieve your leadership aspirations.


of officers citing career advancement as the main reason for getting a degree


of officers have some college credits but no degree
How the Course is Structured
Take One Course or All Four

Choose any course or take the whole series to complete the University of Jamestown Accelerated Law Enforcement Leadership Certificate and earn up to 12 college credits

Learn from the Instructors
Complete each 8-week course entirely online (24/7 access to our classrooms) in an engaging, compelling format led by instructors with facilitated group participation
Customize Your Academic Plan
One size does not fit all. Our academic counselors will help compile your individual components (Credit for Prior Learning [CPL], consolidation and transfer of existing college credit hours, tuition reimbursement and financing options) to lay out the best plan to get you to your goals
Tap into Career Support Services
You’ll have exclusive access to seasoned law enforcement professionals to discuss and prepare for career development
Why Study Law Enforcement Leadership?

The Law Enforcement Leadership certificate offers four courses on the top challenges facing law enforcement. Graduates will gain skills and strategies to immediately implement in their organizations and communities.

Courses are offered a la carte. Complete all four courses to earn the certificate.
Law Enforcement Response to Mental Health & Officer Wellness
Learn best practices for developing and implementing crisis intervention strategies; de-escalation without force; and creating collaborative, integrated working relationships with mental health resources. Explore evolving tactics and approaches to first responder health and wellness from a universal perspective: mental, physical, spiritual and financial.

Next start: June 27th, 2022

Crisis Management Leadership in Policing
Achieve the mission of providing public safety and reducing crime through the development of solutions to modern challenges. Learn to build relationships ahead of crises, manage crisis as it occurs, create systems to mitigate crises, and establish communication methods to ensure continuity of operations after a crisis.

Next start: August 22nd, 2022

Community Engagement in 21st Century Policing
Build a culture of collaboration and establish a dedicated community outreach program. Learn how to use technology and data to engage key stakeholders, leverage influencers, and maximize community engagement efforts.

Next start: June 27th, 2022

Critical Leadership Issues in Policing
The complexities of 21st century policing demand an elevated level of leadership, training, and community engagement. Discuss contemporary, critical issues facing law enforcement agencies and the criminal justice system. Learn best practices for identifying trends and anticipating future challenges.

Next start: January 9th, 2023

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