There is no shortage of information in the Digital Age. The challenge is learning to distill that information into useful insights. In this class, learn how to learn. You will be skilled at finding and using information to improve your writing, thinking, and strategy personally and professionally.

Next Start: November 15, 2021
Cost: $977
Live Sessions: Tues & Thur
Duration: 4 weeks
Group Work: 3 hours per week
Qualifications: All are welcome!

We live in the Knowledge Economy. Use this course to improve your ability to gather and distill information so you can work effectively and filter out the signal from the noise.

Who It’s For:

Curious learners and knowledge workers who want to create ideas.

What You Get:

  • Framework for finding and validating information
  • Process for generating new ideas based on information you discover from others

Why It’s Time to Learn How to Learn

The most common skill we use in our daily lives is gathering and distilling information. By improving your ability to learn you can work smarter, think deeper, and generate more interesting insights. Whether you are a knowledge worker or just a curious learner, this course will help you build the most important muscle in your body: your brain.

Perfect for:

  • Knowledge workers
  • Content creators
  • Business leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Curious learners

What You’ll Learn


Learn how to learn in an era of information overload. You’ll generate original ideas by improving your process of knowledge gathering and expression.

Next start: November 15, 2021

Learn More

In this class, learn how to:

  • Capture information using note-taking tools and second brain set-ups
  • Organize information around projects, areas, resources, and archives to build a “just-in-time” learning set-up
  • Distill information into useful pieces that can be used for marketing, strategy, sales and more
  • Express your key takeaways from information in unique formats optimized for our digital world

Our Instructors

Every course is taught by industry expertswho work in the industry.

Your instructor is a Renaissance Man who has survived Alaskan tsunamis, read ancient Greek texts next to the Parthenon, and worked to save the environment in his home in Sioux Falls. David O’Hara is a professor of philosophy, environmental studies, and ancient texts. Over 30 years of teaching and learning, he has mastered the art of learning.

How the Course is Structured

Learn from the Instructor and Peer Supporters

Complete the 4-week course with twice-weekly synchronous, online sessions where you learn from Dr. David O’Hara and your classmates.

Build Your Learning System

Use frameworks and models from the class to change how you gather and distill information.

Present at Portfolio Day

At the end of the course, present your new learning model and how you will use it personally and professionally.

Earn Credit for Your Work

Earn one undergraduate credit from the University of Jamestown that can transfer to the university of your choice (subject to their rules). Or apply your credit to continuing education requirements.

What Makes the Metalearning Special

Our course is unique because it provides:

What Makes University of Jamestown Accelerated Special

Every University of Jamestown Accelerated course provides:

Course Schedule

Courses include four elements:

Asynchronous Learning

Read, watch, and listen to the best information to build your foundational knowledge.

Expert Lectures

You will meet as a cohort 3 times per week. Each 2-hour session will include breakout rooms and activities to apply your asynchronous learning. Attend live or watch the replay.

Group Projects

Choose a weekly two-hour meeting time that works with your group’s schedule. Work with a peer supporter and 3-5 classmates to bring a project to life.


Present your final capstone based on your group work and individual work to employers and the community. Plan on working around two hours per week on the capstone.

Upcoming Course Start Dates

November 15th – Metalearning Apply Now →

Tuition Options

Students can choose to pay directly, apply for Accelerated Scholarships, or receive financial aid for certificate completion.

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