Social Media Marketing

Scale your business or brand by building a social media presence using platform-specific strategies and tried-and-tested tactics.
Next Start: March 14, 2022
Cost: $990
Total Courses: 1 course
Duration: 8 weeks
Live (Zoom) Instruction: 2-4 hours per week
Qualifications: All are welcome!

Who It’s For:

Marketers looking to level up their social media-specific skills and anyone looking to launch a career in the social media industry.

What You Get:

  • 3 credits that can be applied towards a Bachelor’s degree
  • Opportunity to earn HubSpot Social Media Certificate

Why Study Social Media Marketing?

Every company with an online presence needs a social media manager. It’s no longer a choice for businesses–it’s a default expectation from customers. Once you gain experience as a social media manager, these skills can take you anywhere – freelancing, to opening your agency, to moving across the world, to working from anywhere, for yourself or for your dream company.

What You’ll Learn

The Social Media Marketing course will equip students with the frameworks, tools, and best practices that will give them the confidence to create and implement a killer social media strategy for their favorite brand.

Our Instructors

Every course is taught by industry experts who work in the industry.

How the Course is Structured

Week 1: Intro to Social Media Strategy

An introduction to social media strategies: what they are, what they serve to achieve, and what they look like. You’ll learn:

  • What a social media strategy looks like
  • When you need a social media strategy
  • How to build a good strategy using the 5W Framework
  • How to identify good social strategies

Week 2: Using Your Strategy Toolkit

Overview of the toolkit you’ll use to build a social brand, including tactics and guidelines to guide the execution of your social strategy. Toolkit will include:

  • Strengths & limitations of each platform
  • How to choose a platform for your campaign
  • Using decision criteria for future platforms
  • Why you need guidelines for TOV, frequency, and engagement
  • How to research and create social personas
  • How to design content pillars

Week 3: Build a Social Brand

Overview of all of the key pieces of growing a brand on social media, including:

  • Content calendars
  • Community management
  • The Power of UGC
  • How to choose hashtags
  • Growth marketing (SEO)

Week 4: Growing an Engaged Community

  • community management
  • SEO
  • growth loops
  • content experimentation

Week 5: Becoming a Content Creator

The fundamentals of how to create content for social media, including:

  • How to write concise + engaging copy
  • Basics of graphic design
  • Mobile photography tips
  • Best design tools & resources (stock photos, Canva, InShot)

Week 6: Mastering Analytics and Reporting

How to set KPIs, create reports, and use social listening to measure performance and ROI on social media. You’ll learn:

  • How to create monthly report templates
  • How to set up social listening dashboards
  • Best reporting & analytics tools (Sprout Social, Sprinklr, etc.)

Week 7: Leveraging Paid Social and Performance Marketing​

  • Choosing budgets and durations
  • Setting up campaigns
  • How to make organic and paid work well together

Week 8: Getting Hired for Social Media Roles

We’ll review the basics of good resumes and cover letters, and how they need to be tailored for social media job descriptions. You’ll get:

  • Cover letter examples
  • Dos & don’ts for resumes (based on feedback from hiring managers)
  • LinkedIn & personal branding tips
  • Tips on how to build a social media portfolio

What Makes the Social Media Marketing Course Special

This course is unique because it provides:

What Makes University of Jamestown Accelerated Special

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Course Details

Courses include four elements:

Asynchronous Learning

Read, watch, and listen to the best information to build your foundational knowledge.

Expert Lectures

You will meet as a whole-group 2 times per week. Each 2-hour session will include examples and activities to apply your asynchronous learning, as well as office hours for asking questions and getting feedback from your instructor. Attend live (recommended) or watch the replay.

Real-World Projects

Apply your new skills to a real-world project. Learn by doing.

Upcoming Course Start Dates

March 14th – Social Media Marketing Apply Now →

Tuition Options

Students can choose to pay now with credit card or later via invoice. You can apply for Accelerated Scholarships or financial aid for certificate completion.

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