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What is UJ Accelerated?

The University of Jamestown (UJ) is excited to introduce UJ Accelerated: a comprehensive offering of stackable credentials, certificates, and online programs aligned with market needs. Our unique programs are perfect for those who are looking to earn college credit through upskilling and reskilling, professionals with a desire to grow their careers, and corporations interested in investing in their own employees. The courses are 4-6 months and can be completed in-person, virtually, or in a hybrid format. Our programs provide affordable educational opportunities with a quick and seamless credit transfer process.

Not only do the UJ Accelerated programs help individuals, but also offers unique advantages to partnering businesses. Offering the opportunity for employees to earn college credit is a unique benefit within the Phoenix area and beyond, helping bring quality candidates and improve retention. By investing in your employees’ future, your employees will become more invested in your company’s success.

What does UJ Accelerated offer?

  1. Strengthens & develops your skills to help grow your career
  2. Your choice of the most in-demand professional development tracks, that work with your busy schedule
  3. Provide an employee benefits program that improves your retention rate

Programs Overview

UJ is excited to be bringing several course offerings and certificates, beginning January 2022, to individuals and businesses that will cover a wide range of relevant topics, including:

STEM and Technology




Educator teaching class after Accelerated Learning program


How can I learn more?

Who is UJ?

The University of Jamestown has been providing students with high quality educational experiences for 138 years. Students can choose from our over 40 undergraduate majors, 5 master’s degree programs and a doctorate in physical therapy. The University has been ranked as a “Best Regional College” in the Midwest from US News and World Report, and through the available online degree and certificate programs, more students than ever have access to top-tier education that can advance their careers with flexibility and convenience.

While we may be new to the Greater Phoenix area, our educational approach and programs are rooted in a foundation of excellence. Regardless of which path you choose, our top-tier faculty is committed to helping you learn and succeed.

New Accelerated Learning Student


The University of Jamestown’s Division of UJ Accelerated provides targeted educational programs designed to bridge high demand professions with high quality career preparation.

Through a comprehensive offering of stackable credentials, certificates and online programs aligned with market needs and expectations, Accelerated Learning provides the opportunity for learners to amplify their education and experience in order to advance their career opportunities.


As a Division of the University of Jamestown, UJ Accelerated aspires to provide the best stackable career oriented programming for learners seeking new or advanced career opportunities.

We will do so through our unique Journey to Success educational model that innovatively blends hard skill and soft skill training in a student-centered online, hyflex, and in-person (bootcamp) learning environment.