For Businesses

Learn about partnering with UJ Accelerated, including how we work with businesses to offer their employees educational benefits.

Education as a Benefit

Employers that offer educational benefits enjoy increased retention and a stronger pipeline of talent. University of Jamestown Accelerated can help your workplace attract and retain talent in three main ways:

  1. Offer UJ Accelerated Programs to Your Employees
    We can help your team accelerate their knowledge and career with education that is immediately put into action. Your employees can work on projects from the workplace to master concepts while learning best practices.
  2. Partner for Internal Training
    Our team will work with yours to develop programs that fulfill your workforce needs.
  3. Find Talent Early On
    Find the best talent before they complete our programs. You can help our students learn more about your industry and get an early look at the talent that may be interested in working for your company. Connect with our students through internships, career day attendance, and guest speaking.

Let’s Talk

We work with employers to shape our programs and provide new pipelines of talent. We would love to connect to learn more about how we could collaborate. Please contact Robert Stenson, Director of Business and Governmental Affairs, to get the conversation started.


Explore Programs

We work with employers to discover new programs that are needed in their industry and shape our current program offerings. Currently, we offer degrees at the bachelor's, master's, and doctorate level, as well as professional certificates.

Why UJ Accelerated?

UJA is the online division of University of Jamestown—a private, liberal arts University that’s helped students succeed since 1883. All of our programs are available online 24/7, with most having no set class time. That means your employees can navigate their education around work and family commitments, making the program convenient and easier to complete.

Financial Aid is Available

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to attend a private, liberal arts university. Most students are surprised to find that although UJ Accelerated is a private institution, the price to attend is competitive with our public counterparts.

Need more information?

Our team is ready to help. Please reach out with any questions.

Robert Stenson

  • Director of Business and Governmental Affairs