Financial Fluency

Stop struggling with your accounting books. Start strategizing for business growth.

You know finances should guide your decisions. But your accounting software only spits out complex reports. The truth is that the strategy is all up to you. 

Wouldn’t you like intuitive, easy-to-use tools exclusively designed for strategic decision-making?

This 4-week intensive course will transform how you see financial reports. Your balance sheet won’t be a boring report anymore. You’ll have connected it to positioning, pricing, and business strategy.

Next Start: October 25, 2021
Cost: $977
Live Sessions: Tues & Thur 11 a.m. CDT
Duration: 4 weeks
Group Work: 3 hours per week
Qualifications: All are welcome!

Who It’s For:

If you manage a profit and loss statement this course is for you. Great for founders, CFOs, and business leaders.

What You Get:

  • Updated P&L for your business
  • Positioning Statement (based on the numbers)
  • Financial Monthly Power-Hour System
  • Calculate your “Stock Price”

How to Make Decisions Based on the Numbers in 60-min/month

In this course, you’ll see the business decisions you need to make in your financial reports. You’ll make choices around positioning and pricing. Intuitive mental models make it easier to see the right course of action. Plus, you’ll learn how to upkeep this new system in only 60 minutes/month. In just 4-weeks, you could become financially confident and ready to accelerate your career and your success.

Perfect for:

  • Founders
  • Business owners
  • Enterprising employees
  • Anyone interested in business

What You’ll Learn

4-week Intensive Course for Building Financial Confidence

You won’t only theorize about what might work in this course. You’ll bring your financial statements. This way you apply your learning right in class and in the Slack group.

Meet 90 minutes every Tuesday and Thursday at 11 a.m. CDT (GMT-6). Replays available.
Next start: October 25, 2021

Learn More

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a strategy and positioning statement for your business using numbers
  • Build a “Fortress” Balance Sheet for managing and understanding your entire business
  • Price your products and services with your value in mind based on the actual numbers of your business
  • Manage your balance sheet and cash flow to feel confident in your business decisions
  • Calculate a “Stock Price” for yourself as a business owner – a single metric that will allow you to quickly identify your results and help you continuously improve

Our Instructors

Every course is taught by industry experts who work in the industry.

Sir Steven Wilkinson runs an investment company and designs financial courses for entrepreneurs. He focuses on effective financial models. He’s also a recognized visioning expert for business leaders.

Course Roadmap for Financial Confidence
(even if you hate numbers)

Discover Business Insights

Update your own financial statements, instead of theorizing. Start applying your learning right away. Then, get feedback in the dedicated Slack group. And, more importantly, discover how to generate true prosperity.

Learn from Your Instructor and Peers

Join live online sessions twice-a-week. You’ll brainstorm and share actionable strategies with financial colleagues. All with the expert advice and guidance of Sir Steven Wilkinson. Plus, build your foundational knowledge with self-paced modules the rest of the week.

Present at Portfolio Day

Present the story of your business as told through numbers. You’ll feel more confident with the support of your instructor and peers. Then, present your new business insights back at the office.

Earn Credit for Your Work

Earn one undergraduate credit from the University of Jamestown. Transfer it to the university of your choice. Or apply your credit to continuing education requirements.

What Makes the Financial Fluency Certificate Special

Our certificate is unique because it provides:

What Makes University of Jamestown Accelerated Special

Every University of Jamestown Accelerated course provides:

Course Details

Courses include four elements:

Expert Lectures

Designed for anyone who wants to learn “the language of business.” Not just financial professionals!

Actionable Feedback

It’s not lofty financial theory. Get strategy for your business goals using your P&L, your balance sheet, and your cash flow statement.

Professional Network

Connect with like-minded professionals in the dedicated Slack group. And collaborate as a team during a peer-mentored group project.


Showcase your financial insights in a safe space first. Before you wow them back at the office.

Upcoming Course Start Dates

October 25th – Financial Fluency Apply Now →

Tuition Options

Students can choose to pay directly, apply for Accelerated Scholarships, or receive financial aid for certificate completion.

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