Education as a Benefit

Employers that offer educational benefits enjoy increased retention and a stronger pipeline of talent.

UJ Accelerated can help your workplace attract and retain talent in three ways.

Educator teaching class after Accelerated Learning program

Offer UJ Accelerated Programs

We help your team accelerate their knowledge and career with education that is immediately put into action. Your employees can work on projects from the workplace to master concepts while learning best practices from peers across industries. Plus, we work with you to make it easy to get tax benefits and to reward your employees with certificates that can also count as credit towards a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Accredit Internal Training & Development Programs

UJ Accelerated can accredit internal training programs taught by your company. We audit the content and map it to higher education standards so your employees earn college credit while completing company courses.

Attract Talent with Collaboration

Find the best talent before they complete our programs as a mentor, guest speaker, or Career Day attendee. You can help our students learn more about your industry and get an early look at the talent that may be interested in working for your company.

Talk to Us

We talk to employers to shape our programs and provide new pipelines of talent. We would love to connect to learn more about how we could collaborate.

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About UJ

The University of Jamestown (UJ) has been providing students with high quality educational experiences for 138 years.

UJ Accelerated is a division of UJ. We provide professional possibility through targeted educational programs that prepare you for a career.

With a foundation in the liberal arts, we not only help you start or accelerate your career, we teach you how to continue to learn and make an impact in the world.