Nursing Online RN-to-BSN

As an RN, you already know the power and passion you have to improve the lives of your patients. The University of Jamestown Accelerated RN to BSN program builds on your experience and skills to prepare you for the next steps in your nursing career.

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Cost: $330 per credit
Total Courses: 4 nursing courses + gen. ed. courses
Duration: 8-16 weeks per course
Group Work: Asynchronous cohort work. Optional live check-ins.
Qualifications: A minimum of 124 semester credits must be earned. At least 35 of those credits must be taken at UJ.

Who It’s For:

RN’s looking to advance their career.

What You Get:

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • In addition to earning your BSN degree, students in UJ’s online program are eligible to complete a certificate in Psychology for Health Care Professionals.

Why Complete Your BSN Degree?

Whether you want to advance or change your career, our nursing program provides the courses and flexibility you need to succeed and will improve your skill set and advance your career. With existing articulation agreements with junior colleges, transfer credit options, 8 and 16 week courses year-round, 30+ CLEP testing options, and 24/7 access to our online classroom, you can complete your degree on your terms.


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CLEP Course Options

What You’ll Learn

These are the nursing specific courses that need to be completed by most RN to BSN candidates. Some general education courses will be required in addition to these nursing courses to obtain your BSN. A grade of C- or higher must be earned in all nursing courses.

Nursing Research

(NRSG 497 | 2 credits | 8 weeks)
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Nursing research is examined as an inherent component in the development of nursing theory and nursing practice. This course is designed to present the process of nursing research to impart understanding of quantitative and qualitative approaches to generating knowledge. The overarching goal is to enable each student to use research findings and evidence-based clinical practice guidelines in a meaningful way to influence nursing care. Throughout the course the students apply the implications of research for evidence-based practice.

Nursing as a Profession

(NRSG 427 | 2 credits | 8 weeks)
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This course is an in-depth examination of concepts of nursing, the nursing role, and related issues that influence health care delivery. Both the role of professional nursing within the health care delivery system as well as the role of the individual nurse as an integral member of the health team is analyzed. Nursing is viewed as a dynamic, growing profession that is striving to define and develop its unique body of knowledge through nursing theories. Student-directed seminars are utilized to study current nursing issues.

Community Health Nursing

(NRSG 425 | 6 credits | 16 weeks)
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The course provides experience in utilizing all prerequisite courses and nursing knowledge as it applies to the health of families, populations groups, and communities. Conceptualizing a holistic view of the family/community includes an analysis and interpretation of bio-psycho-social-spiritual factors including culture, community resources, and epidemiology in relation to health. A synthesis of all steps of the nursing process is applied in working with families. Clinical experiences are gained from involvement with various community agencies. The student gains experience in assuming the role of the nurse in collaborating with health team members in the delivery of primary care.

Nursing Leadership/Management

(NRSG 426 | 7 credits | 16 weeks)
Next start: January 9th, 2023

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This course, designed for the undergraduate student nurse, focuses on the development of the student in the role of a beginning nurse leader in a clinical practice discipline. The purpose is to provide the nursing student with the basic concepts and theories needed for nursing management and the crucial components of nursing leadership. The content is focused on skills that nurses need to manage care for groups of patients, manage care within the changing health care environments, manage resources for care, delegate and supervise the work of other licensed and unlicensed assistive personnel, and coordinate care with other health care disciplines. The purpose of the clinical experience is to provide the nursing student with the application of skills that support the basic concepts and theories needed for effective management of client care.

Our Instructors

Every course is taught by healthcare experts who work in the industry.

How the Program is Structured

Determine your Plan of Study

Before you ever enroll at UJ, your admissions counselor and our Program Director will complete a transcript evaluation and plan of study.

Apply for Admission to the Program

Once your plan of study is determined, you are ready to apply!

Take Courses at Your Pace

Complete generals and nursing courses at a pace that works best for your individual situation.

Enhance Learning Through Experiences

Valuable clinical and preceptorship experiences will allow you to apply what you are learning.

Use Career Support Services

Throughout the program, you will have access to career advisors to help build your resume, write a cover letter, practice interview skills and more!

What Makes University of Jamestown Special

Every University of Jamestown Accelerated course provides:

Course Details

Courses include two elements:

Asynchronous Learning

Read, watch, and listen to the best information to build your foundational knowledge.

Learn from Field Experts & Leaders

You will have opportunities to meet with your instructors during weekly office hours.

Enhance Learning Through Experiences

Valuable clinical and preceptorship experiences will allow you to apply what you are learning.

Upcoming Course Start Dates

Students in UJ Accelerated’s online BSN program pay $330 per credit hour in tuition (or $297 if you work for a UJ Business Partner). Students also pay $550 for their clinical fees, a $30 technology fee each semester, and $150 fee upon graduation to cover the costs of your diploma, regalia, and the celebration.

Before you enroll at UJ Accelerated, your admissions counselor and our Program Director will complete a transcript evaluation and plan of study and let you know what your degree will cost. Contact us for more information on this process.

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Tuition Options

Students can choose to pay directly or receive financial aid for certificate completion.

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