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About the Program

As one of the only universities in the world with an accredited, all-online PhD in Clinical Research, University of Jamestown helps you advance in the field of your choice—without having to pause your career. In this program, you will master the skills necessary to conduct clinical trials, analyze research, and ensure the safety and efficacy of products, medication and information provided to the global society.

Earning your terminal degree in a broadly applicable program like Clinical Research means you can apply your knowledge to a range of disciplines, including government, higher education, healthcare, private industry, and beyond. You will not only learn how to critically analyze the literature and interpret evidence, but to design your own rigorous and ethical research projects—all while creating a repeatable and sophisticated methodology appropriate for dissemination at the national level.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide students with rigorous academic preparation which produces independent investigators who can conceptualize research inquiry that positively impacts the University, community, and global society. Students will gain the expertise needed to perform ethical data collection and analysis across a variety of disciplines and modalities.


What is it like to be an online PhD student at UJ?

Our program blends synchronous and asynchronous learning. Overall, your schedule will be flexible, allowing you to learn on your terms. At the same time, you will have the opportunity connect with experienced and esteemed faculty and classmates to develop your clinical research skill set while promoting regular communication and networking. We like to think it’s the best of both worlds.

Application Requirements

Applicants are NOT required to submit GRE test scores to be accepted into the program. Once you click Apply Now (below), you will be taken to AHCAS (Allied Health Centralized Application Service) to complete your application.

Applicants must:

  1. Have completed, at minimum, 42 credits of post-bachelor’s work from an institution of higher education. Opportunities for prerequisite work will be provided for students short of the 42-credit minimum requirement.
  2. Submit transcripts.
  3. Complete two essays, one on healthcare and one on research inquiry.

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Tuition and Cost

Fall Spring Summer
(48 Credits Total)
$4,500 (6 Credits) $4,500 (6 Credits) $4,500 (6 Credits)
Fees $30 $30 $30
Housing & Food* $6,000 $6,000 $6,000
Books & Supplies* $500 $500 $500
Transportation* $750 $750 $750
Miscellaneous* $750 $750 $750
Subtotal $12,410 $12,410 $12,410

*estimated costs based on student surveys

Why UJ Accelerated?

  • Our program is one of the only online PhD programs in Clinical Research in the country, with the focus of preparing students to perform clinical research across a variety of disciplines.
  • In a smaller, collegial environment, students will receive individualized attention and support from faculty and their PhD advisor.
  • We demystify the dissertation experience by requiring a dissertation seminar that helps students understand the thesis process and expectations.


Our curriculum provides a rigorous, yet flexible, option for working professionals interested in earning a PhD.

Certificate/Elective Tracks

Increase your specialization with four certificate tracks available in:

  • Leadership
  • Health Professions Education
  • Biomechanics & Movement Science
  • Health Services Research

Outstanding Program Advisory Board

Our advisory board—made up of established academics, clinicians, and experts from across the United States—review curriculum, assist with program outcomes, and provide research expertise to support students.

Program Objectives and Student Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete a PhD in Clinical Research at the University of Jamestown will:

  • Demonstrate profound knowledge of the disciplines inherent to performing ethically based and rigorous clinical research.
  • Disseminate dissertation research that will achieve acceptance for dissemination at local and national level conferences and through peer reviewed journals.
  • Apply local and federal guidelines that ensure safety and efficacy of products, medication and information provided to the global society.
  • Appraise evidence in their respective fields.
  • Define the value of data provided in evidence publications and presentations based on their extensive knowledge of research methodology and data analysis.
  • Explain the importance of racial, ethnic, gender, age, socioeconomic and educational diversity in data collection, analysis, and research to produce results that are generalizable to the global community.
  • Participate in their professional associations as evidenced by active membership and participation in local or national conferences or other forms of dissemination prior to graduation.
  • Evaluate technology available for data collection and analysis, including survey instruments and statistical software.


Required Courses

Course Title Credits

CRES 710

Introduction to Clinical Research


CRES 720

Biostatistics I


CRES 721

Biostatistics II


CRES 730

Design and Implementation of Clinical Trials


CRES 740

Ethics and Professional Issues in Clinical Research


CRES 750



CRES 760

Grant Writing for Clinical Research


CRES 770

Critical Evaluation of the Literature


Thesis Credits (12 credit hours total + 1 credit hour optional extension as needed)

Course Title Credits

CRES 990

Thesis I Dissertation Seminar and Comprehensive Exam


CRES 991

Thesis II


CRES 992

Thesis III


CRES 993

Thesis IV


CRES 994

Thesis V


Possible Elective Tracks (12 credit hours total required)

Course Title Credits

Leadership (Elective Track/Certificate: 4 Courses)

LDRS 500

Foundations of Leadership


LDRS 509

21st Century Health Care Systems and Policy


LDRS 621

Leading in Interprofessional Healthcare Teams


LDRS 622

Change and Innovation in Healthcare


Topics in Higher Education (Elective Track/Certificate: 4 Courses)

CRES 820

Instructional Strategies for the Adult Learner


CRES 821

Foundations of Higher Education


CRES 822

Instructional Strategies for Online Learners


CRES 823

Instructional Strategies for Professional Continuing Education


Health Services Research (Elective Track/Certificate: 4 Courses)

CRES 830

Health and Bioinformatics


CRES 831

Health Policy and Systems Thinking


LDRS 507

Public Policy


CRES 832

Healthcare Outcome Measurement and Quality Improvement


Total Semester Credits Required: 48 (Includes coursework and thesis preparation)

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The PhD in Clinical Research program at the University of Jamestown is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Meet Your Faculty

Our Clinical Research program is rigorous. To help you succeed, we ensure you are supported by top-tier faculty.

Benjamin Wolden, DPT

  • Director of the Clinical Certificate/Elective Track
  • Assistant Director of Clinical Education
  • Assistant Professor

We’re all about making your education affordable.

We believe every student, regardless of their financial situation, should have access to a UJ Accelerated education. In fact, 50% of our graduate students receive financial aid.