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Program Details

Full stack developers can do it all. These web design professionals work on both front-end and back-end, as well as mobile, functions of a website. Courses in University of Jamestown’s full stack developer certificate program enable you to practice the skills you’re learning right in class—preparing you to build out a website from front to back, top to bottom.

Related Careers:

Graduates of this program are qualified for a wide range of careers, including:

  • Frontend Developer
  • Web Developer
  • JavaScript/Java Software Engineer
  • Web Application Developer
  • Interface Engineer
  • Database Developer
  • Agile Project Manager

Why Get Your Full Stack Developer Minor?

Full stack developers are in demand. That’s in part because they have the skills necessary to allow for a more streamlined website development process. The Full Stack Developer minor from UJ Accelerated gives you the skills you need to transition into this career.

Our program is unique because you’ll be earning two certificates along the way. These certificates are tangible credentials that count as credit, shape your expertise, and validate your skills pre-graduation. In essence, they’re proof points that demonstrate your skills to employer.

The program will begin by providing you with foundational knowledge of development. You’ll develop comprehensive programming abilities, learn multiple programming languages and frameworks, and focus on coding.

Learn more about our Full Stack Developer Certificate.

After you complete courses for the Full Stack Developer Certificate, we’ll build on your basic knowledge and experience, bringing it to the next level. This certificate focuses on the elements that are often missed or only covered lightly in other programs but are some of the most essential elements for a well-rounded full stack developer.

Learn more about our Advance Full Stack Developer Certificate.

Why UJ Accelerated?

  • UJA is the online division of University of Jamestown—a private, liberal arts University that’s helped students succeed since 1883.
  • You’ll have virtual opportunities to meet as a group for lectures and office hours.
  • Courses are available online 24/7, which means you can attend live or watch the replay.

Job Growth

This job growth percentage is projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for web developers from 2020 to 2030.

Expand Your Horizons

It’s tech-specific program founded at a liberal arts institution. We’re teaching you how to apply technology regardless of its application.


Average Salary

This number represents the average salary for beginner full stack software developers.

Required Coursework

Course Title Credits

TECH 152

Introduction to Web Development


TECH 342

Database Development


TECH 320

JavaScript Technologies


TECH 441

Dynamic Web Design


TECH 301

Agile Project Management


TECH 423

Linux Administration


TECH 350

Source Code Control & Virtualization


TECH 340



Total Semester Credits Required: 24

Meet Your Faculty

Our faculty offer the same experience to both online and in-person students. That means you’ll get support, both in and outside of the classroom—all to help you achieve your career goals.
Jakob Barnard

Jakob Barnard, PhD

  • Chair of Computer Science and Technology
  • Assistant Professor
  • Director of Online Technology Programs

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