Nonprofit Leadership Graduate Certificate

Nonprofit leaders wear many hats and manage multiple stakeholders. The University of Jamestown Accelerated Nonprofit Leadership Graduate Certificate helps you deepen your knowledge of leadership techniques and skills. With this certificate, you will be prepared to develop a strategic vision, grow your organization, attract funding through grants and key donors, and improve your entire team’s performance. Start with a single course or complete the entire certificate to accelerate your professional skills and earn credit toward a master’s degree.

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Cost: $5,256
Total Courses: 4 courses
Duration: 8 weeks per course
Group Work: Asynchronous cohort work. Optional live check-ins.
Qualifications: Undergraduate degree

Who It’s For:

Emerging leaders at nonprofit organizations who manage budgets and team members, interact with boards or plan strategy.

What You Get:

  • Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership
  • Mentorship and new connections with a cohort of skilled nonprofit professionals
  • Project work that can immediately be applied to your own nonprofit
  • 12 master’s degree credits that count toward a Master of Arts in Leadership at the University of Jamestown or can be transferred to other institutions

Why Study Nonprofit Leadership?

You shouldn’t have to pause your life to advance your career. No pre-testing requirements means you can get started right away. With 24/7 access to our online classrooms, you can complete your coursework when it’s most convenient for you.

Median increase in earnings of a graduate-degree holder vs. an undergraduate-degree holder

What You’ll Learn

Courses are offered a la carte. Complete all four courses to earn the certificate.

Strategy of Nonprofit Organizations

Identify and implement an effective strategy to increase your understanding and leadership within a nonprofit organization.
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Gain an understanding of the major opportunities, challenges and issues that leaders and managers face when increasing nonprofit effectiveness. Topics include understanding the nonprofit sector, nonprofit management, governing and leading nonprofit organizations, and obtaining and managing resources. Walk away from this course with a leadership strategy portfolio that will help you lead within a nonprofit organization.

In this course, you will:

  • Review the history and development of nonprofits and the different types of nonprofit organizations.
  • Learn strategies for nonprofit board and executive leadership.
  • Understand nonprofit accountability and how to measure performance.
  • Develop strategic planning and workplan skills.
  • Review leadership strategies for partnerships and collaboration.
  • Learn techniques for staff and volunteer management.
  • Review marketing, fundraising and financial leadership strategies.

Grant Writing

Grant writing is a crucial skill for nonprofit leaders as they work to develop diverse funding portfolios. Identify key strategies to develop a successful proposal that will help fund your nonprofit organization’s next big project.
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Focus on the development of your core skills related to grant writing. Enhance your knowledge on finding grant opportunities and developing grant applications including narratives, budget, and completion of required paperwork.

In this course, you will:

  • Develop your knowledge of basic grant submission and management processes.
  • Demonstrate competent grant writing by composing a submission-quality grant.
  • Understand key foundations and federal organizations as well as other funding sources that provide grant opportunities, how to search for grants and matching need with funding sources.

Foundations of Leadership

Develop your own leadership style by understanding different approaches and growing your self-awareness, enabling you to more effectively lead others.
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Through examination of various styles of leadership, you will conduct an introspective exploration into the importance of personal values, attitudes and strengths in being a leader. This course will set the groundwork to build your own personal leadership philosophy.

In this course, you will:

  • Understand styles of leadership, risks and benefits, strengths and limitations, and the situations in which they can best serve the shared work, as we develop our own perspectives on leading.
  • Explore in depth servant-leadership, transformational leadership and spiritual leadership.
  • Examine how personal values and ethics affect leadership and their importance in the workplace.
  • Learn how to communicate effectively, including describing and applying the practices of polarity management, ladder of inference, dialogue and humble inquiry in leading teams.
  • Understand the importance of empowering others in leadership.
  • Develop an evolving personal leadership philosophy.

Justice and Forgiveness

Explore the perennial topics of justice and forgiveness from the perspectives of the individual, group, workplace and community, as well as local and global systems.
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Take a comprehensive look at how personal forgiveness, asking for forgiveness from others, forgiving ourselves and forgiving others leads to our practice of authentic leadership. Deepen your consideration of the practice of servant-leadership as it pertains to justice, both personal aspects of justice and social or corporate justice.

In this course, you will:

  • Differentiate among distributive justice, procedural justice, retributive justice and restorative justice.
  • Develop the stance of servant-leadership within the realm of justice as practiced by the individual within personal and professional relationships and within organizational, systemic and global settings.
  • Compare and contrast the stages of moral development as described by Kohlberg and Gilligan. Evaluate the gender differences and apply those differences to the construct of justice.
  • Examine the role of forgiveness in restorative justice and right relationship.
  • Integrate Noddings’ ethic of caring with justice, judgment and right relationship.
  • Examine and appropriate the lessons of historical events regarding justice and forgiveness (Native American experience in the U.S., apartheid in South Africa, the Holocaust and prison camps of WW II, the 9/11 experience in the U.S., etc.).

Our Instructors

Every course is taught by industry experts who work in the industry.

How the Certificate is Structured

Take a Course

Choose any of the four courses or take all four to complete the University of Jamestown Accelerated certificate.

Use Career Support Services

At the end of each course, you will have access to career advisers to help build your resume, write a cover letter, practice interview skills and more!

Earn the University of Jamestown Accelerated Nonprofit Leadership Graduate Certificate

Complete all four courses to earn the University of Jamestown Accelerated certificate.

Apply your University of Jamestown Accelerated Certificate Towards a Degree

You can choose to apply your certificate as 12 credits towards a bachelor’s degree at the University of Jamestown, as transfer credits to your school of choice, or as continuing education credits. Transfer of the credit will depend on the policies of your chosen institution or professional organization, but we can help.

What Makes University of Jamestown Accelerated Special

Every University of Jamestown Accelerated course provides:

Course Details

Courses include four elements:

Asynchronous Learning

Read, watch, and listen to the best information to build your foundational knowledge.

Expert Lectures

You will have weekly opportunities to meet as a group for live lectures or attend office hours to apply your asynchronous learning. Attend live or watch the replay.

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Students can choose to pay now via credit card or later via invoice. Financial aid is also available for certificate completion.

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